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Crystalline Awaken

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Crystalline Awaken

Strength & Empowerment

Empowering both men and women to be all they can be. You have a vision, we help you get there.

Polarity Therapy & Floatation are a perfect combination for those seeking conscious awakening.

Polarity Therapy is a perfect choice when you are in a transitional time or seeking clarity in your life. A deeply profound life changing experience with specific contact while you remain clothed. Bringing balance to the energetic systems, clearing the chakra’s, removing old trauma’s, to strengthen the aspects of self that are working.


Improving Quality of Life

Improving the quality of your life based on specific challenges.

Our Salt Therapy Booth is the perfect choice when breathing or skin issues are in the way of experiencing quality living.

Therapeutic Massage for anyone suffering from deep pain, recovering from injury, or constant physical stress to the body.

Infrared Sauna for clearing out toxins, improving flexibility, achieving weight loss goals, enhancing circulation, or relief from chronic skin conditions.


Creating Healthier You

Hypnosis is the perfect choice when you are seeking change. Our method is to provide your subconscious mind with the thought process of assisting you easily and effortlessly on your journey toward your goals.

Transformational Life Coaching with Tina for releasing old energetic patterns, worn out thought patterns, creating change, establishing new perspectives.

Session includes a variety of techniques for you to continue using in between our sessions together to support a deeper awakening to your truth.

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