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Diane Lewis Psychic Medium



A quick bit about me

Growing up I didn't think I was different.  Why should I?  What I experienced I thought everyone did because when your a kid, unless someone tells you it's different, that's how you see the world. 

People always ask,  "When did you know?"  Well, I'm not like the others who have that one great defining moment that was a turning point when they knew.  I am and have always been, so sorry, no dramatic moment to speak of.  However, I can tell you when I was a young teenager I did become aware that not everyone viewed the world the same as I. 

As many know in addition to being a psychic medium I am and have been an accountant. My talent was always present so about 20 years ago I decided to go professional because it got quite exhausting putting spirit at bay when they're ever present and finding creative ways to capture my attention.

Crazy right?  You bet. But you know what, I can honestly say I love it. I didn't always love it, but that's a story for another day.  For today, I'm glad spirit was like nagging parents who actually knew best and I am honored that they chose me to be their ambassador.


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